Advanced Controls for Spotify

With Advanced Controls for Spotify you can go through your music much faster! You can set any number of (advanced) keyboard shortcuts for Spotify actions.

What can you do with it?

  • You can listen to your Release Radar by just checking out the good parts of every song. Jump straight the drop or the next section of music.
  • You can set global hotkeys to skip back or forward. By seconds, beats or percentage.
  • You can fly through playlists quickly finding that certain style you really like!
  • Use keyboard controls for any device that can play Spotify

And much more, see below or just download and try it out. Spotify Premium is required.



You can download Advanced Controls for Spotify here:  

Windows 10 (64 bit)

macOS (Sierra and up)


Quick start

Just run the app and it will live next to your clock. You need to login to Spotify (Premium required) with it once and then you can start using it.

Choose a premade hotkey template or create your own.



Hotkey setup window
Tray icon
Advanced Controls for Spotify lives in your tray



This app gives you full control over your Spotify keyboard controls (hotkeys). These hotkeys are global and work at any time. 

A hotkey is bound to an action. 

The following actions are available:

Play/pauseToggles play or paused
Smart jumpJumps to the "drop", the high energy part of the song
Jump to next sectionJumps to the next section of music
Jump to previous sectionJumps to the previous section of music
Jump forwardJump forward by a given amount of seconds, beats or percentage
Jump backwardJump backward by a given amount of seconds, beats or percentage
Jump to timeJump to a set position in the song, by seconds or percentage
Go to next songStarts playing the next song
Go to previous songStarts playing the previous song
Go to last liked songStarts playing the most recent liked song
Go to random songStarts playing a random song in the current queue
Like current songLike the currently playing song
Unlike current songUnlike the currently playing song
Like and go to next songLike the currently playing song and start playing the next song
Set volumeSet volume to a given percentage
Change volumeIncreases or reduces volume by a given percentage


Technical Stuff

The following Spotify permissions are used:

Basic back/forward controls
To get song analysis
In order to toggle play/pause
Liking and unliking of songs
To play most recently liked song

Spotify Premium is required by the Spotify API to change your playback.



Problems? Feature request? Found a bug? Feel free to send me a mail.